Empty fuel gauge: save fuel

6 Tips: How to save fuel in a car

With the fluctuating fuel prices at pump stations, coupled with a minimum budget to meet the costs, you can save on fuel by following these six tips outlined below: –

 Tip#1 – Carpooling Initiative

Colleagues, friends, co-workers or relatives take one car to their common destinations on a rotational basis following an agreed schedule. Because one does not drive throughout the week/month a lot of fuel is saved.

 Tip#2 – Public Transportation

 By far this is my favourite tip on how to save on fuel, public transportation fare is way cheaper than driving your own. Besides you revive yourself from the worries of traffic during rush hours, this gives you a peace of mind to reflect on the day’s activities and better off planning and taking a nap while you travel

 Tip#3 – Price Shop

 Fuel pumps charge different rates per litter/gallon of fuel most times a difference of a few cents but heck this difference adds up in a weekly/monthly computation. You then realise there would be big savings.

Tip#4 – Walking & biking

 Walking comes very handily when travelling nearer by areas from your destination. In this, you save lots of money in fuel, parking fee charges.  Besides walking comes with health benefits since your body requires a minimum of 30mins of daily exercise.

Tip#5 – Car service

 Routine car service maintains your car in good shape. During servicing and car maintenance worn out and faulty parts are assessed and replaced for example the new engine oil and spark plugs are replaced are entirely first culprits to be assessed when a car consumes a lot of fuel.

 Tip#6 – Check your Tires

 Before driving make sure to check all tires’ pressure. Low tire pressure increases drag thereby exerting a lot of force on the engine thus increase on fuel consumption.

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