Causes of ABS light on dash: The un-known you didn’t know

Causes of ABS light on dash: The un-known you didn’t know

Most newer cars are equipped with an anti-lock braking system also known as ABS. The ABS prevents the wheels from locking up as brakes are applied during high speed. This enables the driver to control the steering so as the vehicle does not skid during wheels lock-up.

When the ABS light appears on the dashboard, it’s an early warning sign there is a fault with the anti-lock braking system so the car owner needs to drive to the nearest auto repair shop for inspections.

Possible causes of ABS light on the dash

There are several causes of ABS light on the dashboard although the anti-lock braking system is not necessarily the overall fault with the anti-lock braking system there could be other underlying problems ranging from faulty wheel sensors or no communications with the component.

a) Low brake fluid in the reservoir

The brake fluid a type of hydraulic fluid for most automobiles, motorcycles, light trucks aid in transferring force into pressure to amplify braking force while controlling the braking pressure within an anti-lock braking system.

Reduction in the brake fluid in the reservoir either through leakage will cause the fluid levels to drop as a result the ABS light will appear on the dashboard.

b) Faulty speed sensors

The inbuilt speed sensors in the wheel hub calculate the movement rate of the wheels, this information is then relayed to the anti-lock braking system for processing.

When a wheel is detected to rotate slowly, this triggers the anti-lock braking system to increase the pressure of the braking fluid thereby allowing the wheel to rotate at an even speed with other wheels.

In the situation of faulty speed sensors, the anti-lock braking system will trigger the ABS warning light to illuminate on the dashboard.

c) Bad system module

The module of this anti-lock braking system may cause corrosion after a time. This is really among the most frequent reasons for why there ends up being a problem with the anti-lock steering system.

If the module is corroded, then it can’t obtain information from the wheel speed sensor. As a result, the ABS light illuminates on the dashboard. It does not even take a great deal of rust to cause this to happen. However, you will need to substitute the module after this occurs.

d) Bulb Check

Some vehicles will perform what is known as a bulb test on the dashboard. This check is for the driver’s advantage so that they know the bulbs of their vehicle’s warning lights are working properly. These lights will usually turn off by themselves after a specific amount of time. In some instances, there can be a glitch in the bulb check that keeps the ABS warning light illuminated after the bulb check is finished.

e) Worn Hydraulic Pump

If there is 1 wheel of a vehicle that Goes at A different speed than the other wheels, the wheel speed sensor detects this and then informs the anti-lock braking system. 

After this happens, the system will trigger the Hydraulic pump to increase the quantity of brake fluid pressure. This will permit the wheels to maintain their traction since they’re touching the ground. 

Unfortunately, hydraulic pumps tend to get worn out after years of using them. This would certainly cause the ABS light to come On, so you would want to replace the pump immediately.

 What to Do When the Car ABS Light Comes on

After the ABS light activates on your car’s Dash, it signals that something is wrong with the anti-lock steering system. That means if you need to step on the brake pedal fast to stop your car or truck, then it might not stop as fast as you would like it to. As a result, you might end up in a severe car crash.

The function of the anti-lock braking system is to maintain your car’s tires on the road as you vigorously step on the brake. In this way, the wheels do not lock up or slide uncontrollably on the street during the braking process. This is very important if the road is slippery or wet.

Light will come on. The main reason is simply turning to your vehicle. Once you place your key in the ignition and turn it on, the computer does a check on the anti-lock braking system to ensure it is functioning normally.

If the computer doesn’t find an Issue, the ABS But if the ABS light stays on, it means there is a problem with your anti-lock steering system.

Sometimes You May Be driving, and the ABS light Will unexpectedly come on also. Whatever the case, you want to bring your vehicle to an auto mechanic when you experience this matter.

They are the only ones built to diagnosing the Issue and turning that component of the anti-lock braking system requires repair or substitute.

 Can you still drive a car with the ABS light on?

Simply because your ABS light is on, that does not mean you cannot drive your vehicle. In reality, you will still be in a position to apply the brakes normally to slow down the vehicle.

But you won’t perform any sort of emergency during braking by slamming the brake pedal quickly. Brake gradually when needed but avoid moving quickly or aggressively. If you can do so, then everything will be fine.

The only circumstance where you shouldn’t even try to drive your vehicle is if the brake system light comes on when the brake system lighting indicates a much bigger issue with your braking system — an issue which may restrict your ability to brake the vehicle at all. Therefore, you would want your vehicle towed to the nearest auto repair shop for further assessment and repair. 

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