Causes of battery light on car dashboard

A car battery is the main source of energy to powerup accessories even when the alternator or engine isn’t running. The battery importance is listed below: –

  • To provide power storage and be able to supply it quickly enough to operate the vehicle starter motor.
  • To allow the use of parking lights for a reasonable time.
  • To allow the operation of accessories when the engine is not running.
  • To act as a swamp to damp out fluctuations of system voltage.
  • To allow dynamic memory and alarm systems to remain active when the vehicle is left for a while.

If the battery warning light on the dashboard comes on as you’re driving, that usually means the charging system is not functioning, however, the error may lie in something apart from the battery.

The reason for the battery light can be a loose or corroded battery cable or other wire connecting components of the charging system, or it might be a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator.

The alternator generates electricity that is stored in the battery life. If the Alternator fails, or the accessory belt that drives the alternator is broken or loose, then you are going to get a dead battery because the bad alternator is not recharging the battery.

The car battery itself might be the trigger if it has corroded cable Terminals, poor wiring, damaged cells or plates inside or if it is leaking electrolyte. This article refers primarily to traditional vehicles using traditional 12-volt batteries; even more electrified vehicles and these higher-voltage electric systems will be different.

The charging system warning light should show for a few seconds when you start the vehicle, but if the battery light reveals while you’re driving the vehicle, that light signals a problem. Among other indicators the alternator or different pieces of the charging system are not functioning are dim headlights or the clock.

If the car’s dashboard battery light comes on, you might need to drive to the nearest auto repair shop to further assess the fault. 

A faulty charging system or bad alternator will stop the car’s engine from working when the battery is drained. If you switch off the engine, you won’t be able to restart it if the battery does not have sufficient charge left to power the engine’s starter motor.

In case the battery light remains on while still driving, turn off most of the electrical accessories, like the stereo, ac or heater, and avoid using electrical controls such as power windows.

Reducing the amount of battery power while driving will increase the battery drainage time providing sufficient time to rectify the battery light on the dashboard fault. 

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