Top 3 Reasons why your car shakes when accelerating

Tires out of balance

Car tires ‘out of balance’ is one of the 3 top reasons why your car shakes when accelerating, the shaking effect is transferred to the steering wheel while accelerating at a speed of 80km/hr or more.

A remedy to this problem is to perform a wheel balancing a process that equalizes the weight of the combined tire together with the wheel assembly such that they spin smoothly even at high speed.

Out of round brake rotor

‘Out of round brake rotor,’ The uneven surface of the rotor transfers the shake effects to the steering wheel when accelerating. A similar shake is felt in the brake pedals. Replace the brake rotor or resurface the out of round brake rotor when not ready to buy a new replacement.

Stuck Brake Calliper

Stuck brake caliper cause brake pads to make constant contact with the brake rotors. This fault generates heat and the vehicle to slow down when not accelerating. As a result, vibration is felt on the steering wheel when accelerating.

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